What is DermRx

When it comes to prescribing, many Dermatologists find that:

  • Prescribing compounded items within prescribing software is awkward and default formularies are non-existent;
  • Subsequently adding OTC and PBS items to the prescribing mix is time consuming – too many steps, too many screens to open and close;
  • Pharmacies that don’t specialise in dermatology often give the wrong advice;
  • Patients often struggle to access all of their needs locally and from one location.

We understand that your time is precious.

So, put 20 Dermatologists in a room, start with a blank canvas and the DermRx service was born. DermRx provides you with an on-line portal which:

  • Is simple and quick to register;
  • Makes it easy to prescribe dermatology compounded, OTC and PBS items together – you will save precious minutes in every appointment, every day;
  • You can prescribe anywhere, anytime – in your surgery, at home, or on the go;
  • All items are provided from one centralised order point  – your patients will love it!

Registration is free and takes just 60 seconds! 

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